Support Groups

Support groups come in many flavors, from an informal get-together once a month to bounce ideas around to a well-organized co-operative schooling effort. There are support groups that were formed when a couple of families started getting together to play in the park and others that began as extensions of church ministries.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Before getting involved in a support group, decide what type of support you are seeking. This will help you determine upfront if the group you are considering will be a good fit.
  • Make sure the support group you are considering shares your beliefs. Interestingly, one of the frequently heard disadvantages of support groups is that they can be cliquey — Charlotte Mason ONLY, or very structured ONLY. A support group should support you being you, not make you feel that you need to “fit in.”
  • Be sure not to over-extend. Homeschool moms frequently find that the demands of a support group far outweigh their support!


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