Legal Assistance

While homeschooling is legal in all fifty states, there are several reasons why enrolling in Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) makes sense:

“Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.” – HSLDA Website

  • There are still cases where local school districts will not recognize a homeschool, require information not provided for by law, or simply begin turning known homeschoolers in as truant. HSLDA offers representation in all cases involving the rights of homeschoolers as provided for by law.
  • A knock on the door by social services is enough to throw any family into a panic. HSLDA will provide assistance with any social services contact and consistently fights for the protection of parental rights.
  • They will answer any questions you may have about the laws in your state; including helping you determine which state homeschooling options will best suit your family.
  • Even if you live in a homeschool-friendly state and don’t need their services, by enrolling you are assisting a family that does need their services.
  • HSLDA lobbies Congress to ensure legislation contains language favorable to homeschoolers.


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