Step-by-Step GuideStep-By-Step Guide
Don’t know where to start? Looking for a fresh perspective? Let our guide walk you through the world of homeschooling — step by step!


Helps for New HomeschoolersHelps for New Homeschoolers
Thoughts — encouragement, pitfalls, and areas of focus — for those just starting out, from one finishing up.


Summer School for MomSummer School for Mom
Our Summer School for Mom series focuses on preparing for a new year. You’ll find lots of ideas and tips to get you thinking, resources to encourage you, and other helps that will have you fired up and ready to go when school starts up again in the fall!


Recommended ResourcesRecommended
These are those books that we can highly recommend to those interested in education, and educating at home in particular.  There is a great deal to learn, and we are only better when we continually educate ourselves.  Many of these resources are becoming increasingly hard to find.  We stand by them in any case.