With the exception of a few initial hiccups, we homeschooled our children from the beginning when our oldest started kindergarten.

We faced the same trials many homeschoolers face: “is this crazy?,” fighting doubts over “socialization,” wondering if we were doing enough, being tossed here and there by various approaches, struggling to stay off every curriculum bandwagon that passed our way, meeting the challenges of handling criticism for our choices, making time to get it all done, homeschooling through deaths in the family, illness and moves. While there were admittedly a few ups and downs, we wouldn’t trade the journey for anything. The Lord used our adventure to grow our family closer Him and to each other. We are truly blessed!

Our focus at HomeHearts has always been on homeschooling from the heart.  While we realize there are as many different ways to homeschool as there are families who homeschool, we are partial to those approaches that appreciate the giftings of each child, allow them to grow as individuals at their own rate, and above all to “do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with [their] God” (Micah 6:8). We have prayerfully looked at each approach to homeschooling, borrowed what was best for our family and left the rest. We would encourage you to do the same!

We don’t claim to be experts. Having finished our journey, perhaps we are able to more clearly see some of the potholes. Whatever we learned along our journey, we would like to share, and hopefully give a lift to other families coming along behind us.

Finally, the greatest thing to remember when it comes to educating at home is that success will not be measured by how much our children know, but by who they are.

Is there is something you would like to see added? Send us a note. We love feedback.

Enjoy your stay!