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Lewis & Clark Science Activities {Free}

Lewis & Clark Science Activities {Free}

The Lewis and Clark expedition was known for many things:  surveying the land that was acquired by the Louisiana Purchase, tracing out the waterways of the new territory, surveying its resources, establishing the borders of the United States, and opening the way to the West.  But it hasn’t been until more recent times that we have appreciated the expedition’s contribution to science.  “Discovering Science with Lewis and Clark” by Melissa Pinkley is an article published in the March/April 2014 free digital edition of Home School Enrichment Magazine that takes a look at a few of these contributions.  (Just enter page 42 in the navigation box at the bottom. Free registration required.)

The article includes three science activities based on the expedition:

  1. Creating a nature journal.
    The Corp of Discovery recorded everything — what they did, what they ate, what they saw, the weather, along with sketches, diagrams, and maps.  What better way to open our eyes and really see what is around us than by keeping a journal “for a day, or a week, or a lifetime.”
  2. Using a compass. 
    No GPS back then.  How well would you be able to navigate by a simple compass?  See how you do!
  3. Understanding the importance of fruits and vegetables.
    And while you are at it, make fruit leather ready to travel.

This Lewis and Clark science unit makes a great addition to the Lewis and Clark portion of our free history studies!


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